The rise of organic and biodynamic wines in the innovative terroir of Languedoc

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Welcome to the'world of wines who respect the earth and magnify its fruit.
Today we explore the terroir of Languedoc, a region that has reinvented itself to become the cradle of a engaged viticulture.

The labels bloom like the vines in the spring: Organic agriculture (AB), High Environmental Value (HVE), Terra Vitis, Biodyvin, Demeter. everyone tells a story of love between vineyard and its environment. Once known for its quantity, this solar earth is now a reference in terms of quality, especially in the field of organic wine.

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Understanding the labels of the wines of the Languedoc

The Languedoc, with its generous sun and varied soils, is an ideal playground for expression of environmentally friendly wines. The labels are the guarantors of these virtuous practices. Here is a guide to help you navigate this sea of certifications.

Organic Agriculture (AB)- The pioneer of environmental respect

The AB is the label that opened the way to the organic viticulture france. It ensures that wine is produced without the use of synthetic chemicals and in respect of the living. AB's winemakers are craftsmen of biodiversity, protectors of the purity of their vines and of their wines.

High Environmental Value (HVE) - Commitment to Biodiversity

The HVE label focuses on ecosystem protection and biodiversity conservation. He recognizes the winemakers who adopt agricultural practices more environmentally friendly, fauna and flora, contributing to the health of our campaigns.

Terra Vitis - Tradition meets ecology

Terra Vitis is a certification that promotes sustainable viticulture, in balance with nature. It is a reflection of a commitment for a quality of authentic wine, where each stage of production is controlled to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Biodyvin - The harmony with the stars

Biodyvin is the print of the biodynamic in the viticulture. What. This label requires special attention to the lunar calendar and to biodynamic preparations that revitalize the vine and the soil. The wines Biodyvin are the essence of an agriculture that listens and follows the rhythm of the universe.

Demeter - The Excellence of Biodynamic

Demeter is the reference certification for biodynamic wines internationally. It guarantees agricultural practices that go beyond the biological, aiming at creating a self-sufficient and regenerative agricultural environment. Demeter wines are the result of an uncompromising commitment to quality and the environment.

The New Face of the Languedoc: Excellence and Commitment Bio

The vineyard of the Languedoc, once known as the colossal french wine production, is redefined today by its commitment to quality and sustainability. The current currency could be summarized as follows: less quantity, more quality. The winemakers of the region kissed the organic culture with fervour, voluntarily reducing their yields to focus on the excellence of each cluster.

This transition to mass bio is not only a response to market demands but also a philosophy that takes root in respect of the terroir and the preservation of the environment. The result is palpable: purer wines, more expressive aromas and an identity that clearly stands out in the glass.

The Languedoc reinvents itself, leaving behind it the image of the mass industry to profile itself as a leader of the organic viticulture. Each bottle is a celebration of this new era, a toast to the health of the earth and to the joy of wine lovers.

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