A look back at our special Sake Sashimi tasting evening

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During our last tasting evening at our Adegas Terroirs, we plunged our guests into the enchanting universe of saké. This evening will remain engraved in our memories, not only for the quality of the sakés tasted, but also for the exceptional presence of Julia Scavo.

The history of the sake and the tradition of its consumption

The saké, often called "rice wine" beyond Japan, is an alcoholic beverage that has crossed the ages, rooting deeply in Japanese culture and history. His origin dates back to more than a thousand years, making him a privileged witness of the evolutions of Japanese society.

Sake production begins with rice, carefully cultivated in specific areas of Japan. This rice, different from the one we consume daily, is polished to remove the outer layer and leave only the heart rich in starch. Then it is fermented with specific mushrooms and yeast, in a complex process that requires know-how and patience. .

Traditions related to consumption of saké are as varied as its manufacture. Often associated with Shintoic ceremonies, the sake is poured into offerings to the gods and consumed during festivities. It also has a place of choice in family celebrations, from weddings to New Year's Ceremonies.

The how to serve the sake is an art. Traditionally, it is served in small ceramic cups, called "ochoko", and is sometimes warmed according to the type of saké and the season. It is a drink that tastes, savours, often accompanied by delicate dishes that highlight its subtle aromas.

Today, the saké is appreciated well beyond japanese borders. But, whether we are in Tokyo, Paris or New York, each siege of saké is an immersion in a millennial tradition, rich in history and flavors.

The perfect agreement saké sashimi

The organ of the evening was saké tasting accompanied by sashimi. The covenant of the saké and sashimi is a gustative marriage that has delighted our taste buds. The delicate taste of raw fish, combined with subtle aromas of saké, offers an unparalleled culinary experience.

Find our sakes in our online cellar

If this evening made you want to discover more world of saké, we invite you to visit our cellar online on Adegas Terroirs. Here you will find a rigorous selection of sakés, chosen for their exceptional quality.

We hope to meet you on our next evening tasting. By then, let yourself be tempted by the fascinating universe of saké. Cheers!

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