Discovery of Alsace wines: A journey through the flavours of eastern France

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Terroir and tradition: The soul of Alsace wines

The alsace wines, nestled in the east of France, offer a unique taste experience impregnated with tradition and terroir. This vineyard, characterized by its steep slopes and its fresh climate, is renowned for producing wines of great diversity and remarkable quality.

Altitudes favourable to the culture of emblematic grape varieties

The alsatian vineyards extend along the slopes of the Vosges, enjoying an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of emblematic grape varieties such as the Riesling Gewürztraminer Pinot Gris Pinot Blanc and Muscat. Each vine fully expresses its potential in the soils rich in granite, shale, marne and limestone, giving each wine a distinct and captivating personality.

A palette of elegant and expressive flavours

The alsace wines are distinguished by their purity, freshness and expressiveness. The white wines, which represent the majority of production, are famous for their aromatic elegance, ranging from floral and fruity aromas to delicate mineral nuances. The Riesling, for example, often evokes notes of citrus and rifle stone, while the Gewürztraminer charm with its aromas of rose, lith and exotic spices.

Wines suitable for all occasions and tables

Whether to accompany a refined meal or to be enjoyed alone alsace wine adapts to all occasions. Its freshness and vivacity make it an ideal companion for regional dishes such as sauerkraut, seafood, quiches and local cheeses. In addition, its versatility allows it to blend perfectly with a wide variety of cuisines from around the world.

An ancient history and a living wine culture

THE'wine history of Alsace dates back to Roman times, but it was in the Middle Ages that the region began to acquire its reputation as a land of wine. Today, this centuries-old tradition is perpetuated by passionate winemakers who combine traditional and modern techniques to produce wines of excellence

Unforgettable oenological visits to the heart of the Alsatian vineyards

For wine lovers in search of authenticity, a visit to the alsatian vineyards is a must-see experience. From picturesque family estates to historic cooperative cellars, each stage offers immersion in the enchanting world of alsace wine. In addition, the many wine festivals and events throughout the year allow visitors to discover the richness and friendliness of Alsatian wine culture.

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