Northern Rhône Syrah

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The rhône valley is always synonymous with exceptional terroirs. Its charm lies not only in the beauty of its landscapes, but also in the richness and complexity of its wines. In this article, we will explore one of the most unique features of the Northern Rhone : the bold assembly of the Syrah, iconic vine of red wine in this region, with Viognier, white vine recognized.

The Syrah, with its aromas of black fruit, spices and sometimes violet, is the King vine of the Northern Rhone. Originally from this region, it flourishes fully on these lands and gives both powerful and elegant wines. In some appellations, like Coast Rôte, we find this amazing assembly of Syrah and Viognier. The addition of Viognier brings freshness, floral aromas and a touch of exoticism to wine, thus creating a perfect balance.

Speaking of appellations, the north of the Rhone Valley houses some of the most prestigious names. The Côte Rôtie, with its steep terraces, is renowned for its complex and spicy wines. Saint Joseph, stretching along the Rhone, offers fruity and accessible wines. As for Crozes Hermitage, it is known for its diversity and wines both fleshy and greedy.

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The Unpublished Assembly of Syrah and Viognier: A signature of the Northern Rhone

The art of assembly is at the heart of vinification, allowing winemakers to create wines with varied and complex aromatic profiles. In the Rhône Septentrional, a particularly remarkable combination has been established: the union of the Syrah, one vigorous red grape variety, with Viognier, one delicate white grape.

The Syrah is pillar of red wines in this region, bringing depth, structure and notes characteristic of black fruit, spices and violet. On the other hand, Viognier, often associated with floral and fruity white wines, seems at first sight to be an improbable companion. Yet it is this improbability that makes the magic of the assembly.

In small quantities, the Viognier brings a touch of finesse to the wine, balancing the power of the Syrah with its floral aromas and its freshness. This blend, although not conventional, gives harmonious wines, where the strength of the Syrah is softened by the grace of Viognier, thus offering a unique taste experience.

This method of assembly is particularly emphasised in appellations such as Côte Rôtie, where the winemakers have been able to recognize and celebrate the complementarity of these two grape varieties. The result? Wines with an unparalleled aromatic richness, a true reflection of the audacity and innovation of the Northern Rhone.

The Jewels of the Northern Rhône Valley: Côte Rôtie, Saint Joseph and Crozes Hermitage

North of the rhône valley, with its steep relief and its particular climate, is the cradle of some of the most popular wines in France. Three appellations are particularly distinguished in this region, reflecting the unique terroir and the richness of the Rhodanian vinification: Côte Rôtie, Saint Joseph and Crozes Hermitage.

The Coast Rôte, literally "the grilled coast", derives its name from steep slopes exposed to the sun, offering an ideal land for viticulture. Known for its elegant red wines, this appellation perfectly blends the Syrah with a hint of Viognier, giving wines with complex aromas of red fruits, violets and spices.

Saint Joseph, extending along the west bank of the Rhone, is a renowned name for its deep red and carpented wines, dominated by the Syrah. The granite soils of the region give the wines a distinctive minerality, with notes of black fruit, pepper and sometimes flowers.

Crozes Hermitage, the largest of the northern wines, offers a varied range of wines. If the Syrah reigns as a master for the reds, bringing structure and fruit, there are also remarkable whites based on Marsanne and Roussanne, offering freshness and floral aromas.

These three names, though different in their expression, represent the quintessence of Rhône Septentrional. They are the reflection of an ancestral know-how, of an passion for the vineyard and deep respect for the earth, producing wines that captivate the palaces of the whole world.

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